Anonymous Blogging

I’m not writing much here anymore, and here is why. I started this anonymous blog so I could write openly and without offending others. Then I allowed this blog to become not so anonymous and promptly forgot that little fact. I then began writing about friendship woes – which have taken a new turn for the good by the way – and well, one of those friends decided to forgive me my trespasses. That is, until she read some of my blog posts.

That friend commented on the post and I removed it for several reasons I won’t discuss here. Oops. I have no intentions of hurting anyone. In fact, I’m quite neutral these days about all my beginnings here in this newish town. I hold no ill feelings towards any of my past friends even the one that commented. I love her and wish her well.

My blog is my opinion and an outlet for that. What else could it be? My stories are told through my own filters, past experiences and understanding of the world. I realize there are always more than one side to every story and the other side is understood through that person’s filters and past experiences. Their reality may not reflect my own. I am open to comments and opinions but I won’t debate the reality of events to which I write about.

Lessons learned again. If I want to blog anonymously, I need to keep it that way. So my personal inquiry on whether or not I could write memoirs and not offend someone has been answered. If you happen to be a follower and actually read this, you’ll find me (or someone like me) again some day.  Thank you for being there to listen when I needed it without judgement.

This blog will continue to be my outlet for the Weekly Photo Challenge or any other fun thing that comes up, but an outlet for my personal memoirs, it will not be.

About Kelly Forrester

I've always wanted to write a book about my experiences. What better way than to start here with a blog challenge from WordPress.
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